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Sportsfish 20 Cuddy Cabin
Fishing Boat

This fishing boat is designed to handle a variety of conditions and provide a comfortable and stable platform for angling. 

This particular fishing boat measures 6.25 meters in length and is equipped with a powerful 115-horsepower outboard motor, which provides the necessary speed and maneuverability to navigate fishing grounds.

The boat can accommodate a basic of 6 people, making it suitable for small groups of friends or family members to enjoy a day out on the water.

Measurement: 6.25m

Boat Hull Length: 6m

Beam: 2.25m

Depth: 1.35m

Hull Thickness: 5mm

Tube Thickness: 3mm

Transom Shaft: 25"

Fuel Tank: 150L

Number of People (Basic) : 6 

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